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About Us

Hello Welcome to our page,

Our customers ask if we are on the internet with a web page. This is the hardest task there is for me. Yes I am but still building my ecommerce store. As I am searching the web to learn and to get advise on how to build my store the one thing that I have learned is that you differently need a, about you page.  This part was fun,,

So go fix a cup of coffee or a cold drink sit back and be a part of my story.

I am sure you will find us somewhere on the road during weekends. We try to find a show just about every weekend with our personalized handstamp products. Name rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, keychains and some unique recycled items. Every item is created by me. You’ll find everything is made with love and attention to detail. 

We have been on the road a lot in the past few years, something like 39yrs. As time changes so do the items we sell. My husband Frank which I have been married to for 44 years is very supportive and helps in all ways he can.

Our family joins us at time for the bigger shows to help us sell. My mom which we call her Mother Mary is 84 and she sure can sell those rings. Then you might meet Frances a sister-in-law, Nancy Frank’s sister (yes we have the same name even the middle name is the same) plus there is Lucy my sister.  It is a lot of work but we always make it fun and we do a good job at it…  

As Far back as I can remember I was an entrepreneur in sales. When I was 5 I lived in Boston. I would go by myself down to the corner store and buy penny candy.  Then come back home, set out a small table, lay out my candy and open my store…  Did I sell anything?  I do not remember but I do remember the barrel root beers. Those were my favorite…  Remember the loom pot holders, I used to go door to door trying to sell them… I do recall selling a few.

In 1976 was my first craft show Fort Hood Texas.. Never forget that first show.  Girlfriend who does leather was setting up and said to bring your stuff and set up with me. I said Frank was not going to be home no problem I will pick you up. She picked me up along with her stuff and mine in a small VW Bug not a bus but a car. Least I can say we were packed to the gill.  Macramé was the first item I sold. We were set up in a parking lot with no TENT. Nice breezy day, sun shine, mid 70's tank top and jeans... Made 35.00 and 3 degree burns on my chest and shoulders. Blisters lasted for over a week...  but that did not stop me I keep doing show and still at it... 

Frank and I both enjoy traveling to the different towns each weekend. Love the people who stop at our booth and share a part of them with us.  

Our mission is to provide the best...  if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with one of my products please email me and I will make it right.

 Thanks for your interest in Nan's Unique's. and for being a part of my story.. 

You can contact us
by Land line 217/832/4372.
by Cell 217-649-8654
email - softailady@mchsi.com 

We are located in Villa Grove, IL 61956